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Daisypath Friendship tickers

Friday, January 28, 2011

Jane Rubietta
Someone may have stolen your dream when it was young and fresh and you were innocent. Anger is natural. Grief is appropriate. Healing is mandatory. Restoration is possible.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

juz do not know how 2 solved theesse problem that occur in my life!!
sometimes,,i feel happy,,sometimes,,i feel regret,,n somestimes,,want 2 die..
knpe ha"???hurm,,tak tau nk react mcm mne wif theese problem..
sometimes,,jealous nan hdup org laen..they have a perfect family!!:)
yess,,i know,,that i have no strength 2 change it,,n 2 questioned it..
acc. tmbul rse nyesal jgk coz,,taon lps aq tak bljr btol2,,
bnyk maen2 jek,,hangout nan kwn jek,,aq ngaku aq leka..

p/s:hari nie,,ad 'jalinn mesra' wif parents,,naseb gak,,ibu tak dpt g..aq dpt brpe ha'??=.=???
Love the Way You Lie (Part 2) – Rihanna Song and Lyrics Code

On the first page of our story, the future seems so bright.
And this thing turned out so evil, I don’t know why I’m still surprised.
Even angels have their wicked schemes and you take death to new extremes.
But you’ll always be my hero, even though you lost your mind.
Just gonna stand there and watch me burn,
But that’s alright because I like the way it hurts.
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry,
But that’s alright because I love the way you lie, I love the way you lie.
I love the way you lie.
Now this gravel in our voices, glass is shattered from the fight.
In this tug of war, you’ll always win, even when I’m right.
Cause you feed me fables from your hand,
With violet words and empty threats and it’s sick that all these battles are what keeps me satisfied.
Just gonna stand there and watch me burn,
But that’s alright because I like the way it hurts.
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry,
But that’s alright because I love the way you lie, I love the way you lie.
Ohhh, I love the way you lie.
So maybe I’m a masochist
I try to run but I don’t wanna ever leave.
Til the walls are goin’ up in smoke with all our memories.
This morning, you wake, a sunray hits your face
smeared makeup as we lay in the wake of destruction
hush baby, speak softly, tell me I’ll be sorry that you
pushed me into the coffee table last night so I can push you off me
try and touch me so I can scream at you not to touch me
run out the room and I’ll follow you like a lost puppy
baby, without you, I’m nothing, I’m so lost, hug me
then tell me how ugly I am, but that you’ll always love me
then after that, shove me, in the aftermath of the
destructive path that we’re on, two psychopaths but we
know that no matter how many knives we put in each other’s backs
that we’ll have each other’s backs, ’cause we’re that lucky
together, we move mountains, let’s not make mountains out of molehills,
you hit me twice, yeah, but who’s countin’
I may have hit you three times, I’m startin’ to lose count
but together, we’ll live forever, we found the youth fountain
our love is crazy, we’re nuts, but I refused counselin’
this house is too huge, if you move out I’ll burn all two thousand
square feet of it to the ground, ain’t shit you can do about it
with you I’m in my f–kin’ mind, without you, I’m out it
Just gonna stand there and watch me burn,
But that’s alright because I like the way it hurts.
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry,
But that’s alright because I love the way you lie, I love the way you lie.
Ohhh, I love the way you lie.
I love the way you lie.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

rndu sama itu bdk!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

i juz havin' a little crush to........!!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

arghh!!!bosannye ary nie!!
ad skola gnti ary nie!!
then ad smbutn ckg fatimah aka kmbr aq!!!
bhahaha,,lawk arh!!ad ke dorang ckp dye ue kmbr aq!!!
:pppp...siot arh tue!!!
zatiee,,smpi mnanges!!trhru lah tu!!!hahaha!!tak bole blah arh!!
dngr lgu(lpe lah tjuk nye pe..)tros nk nanges,,,hihi!!:")
then ad prsmbhn from,,~akustika teknika??
hurm,,,not bad lah jgk....hahaha!!!
HUWAAAA~~~bosan gler!!!

ergh,,,then tad g jln,,sje tmn ibu g jusco..
then,,,nmpk la diz type of camera!!!huwaa!!
so in love wif diz things!!!
huwaaaa!!!!blerlah nk dpt!!!:))
acc,,da sngt meng-inginkn bnde nie,,lme da..
fgrom taon lps!!!huhuhu!!!:(
p/s:still want diz!!!:))<3<3<3

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ad 2 org ...
dorang kongsi nme yg sme..
aq ske sme kamoo!!
i hold our promise,k!!
rite now,,i'am missing u!!!
ta sbr nk g sne!!:))

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

yess,,dgn sgle hrmtnye aq da lpekn ko mr.l!!!
tap,,tetibe aq tringt kn some1 nie!!
nme dye sejibik mcm bdk nie!!arghh!!
hahaha!!!there's so much coincidence happen!!!:))
but,,no matter how,,i know where i'am!!
so,,don't be silly yeah!!!:))..hurmmm!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

tetibe ad sorang bdk nie kat fb takd keje agknye,,
but,,mmg dye takd keje pon!!argh!!
ap seyh,,sume org dye kaco!!!bodobodobodo!!!!
ad ke seyhdye tnye,,are u a gay??
stupid dol lah!!ad bdk laen pon kene!!!
mmg jeneeis org takd keje!argh!!!
habes,spoil mood aq ptg nie!!!:pppp

Friday, January 14, 2011

yes,,i'am very very tired wif my life rite now!!
do know how 2 say but,,i'am really2 mean it!!!yess,,i need someone rite now!!!
huwaaa!!!aida marissa,,i need u!!!argh!!!pleaseeee!!!
sometimes i had rather tak knl u than knl n like u, ,ok!!!:pp
coz i'am afraid to my past!!!mr.luqman hakim!!!
yess,,sye tkt,,ok??!!argh!!!:'(

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sijil Paleng Mudah aka SPM!!!

i can't live in diz life!!!yess,,,i can't!!!
pnt gler ary nie,,smpi rse mcm tak pjk lnti skrg..mlm nie ad 2syen lagk!huwaa!!:'(
miera!!ble ko nk g study nieyh!!!diz year ko nk amek SIJIL PLENG MUDAH(SPM)..
ARGH!!!yes,,,i don't want diz kind of life!!so tired!!!
'bout my past,,my friends,,mr.l,,,n now,,diz major exam ever that will change my life!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

friends till die??ke love 4ever??

haha,,kwn ke bff??(huh???bkn sme jek ke meaning dye??=.='')
mmg sme pon,,but,,when time 2time,,u might b realised that between friends n love theres a lot more different!!
mne lagk pnting ek??bgi aq,,,between them,,friends is much way more important than love??
sbb,,u loss ur boy,,u can find another 1,,but,,friends,,,smpi mati dong!!!
till de red line ta dpt cri gnti!!!huhu!!
n,,,,now,,i admitted that i'am in love wif all my friend,,opps,,jngn slh sngke plak!!!:pp


really miss diz place like my own hommiee!!!huhu!!yess!!!pdn muke kaw miera!!!
yelah,,dlu time skola kat ssi,,rse nk kluar lah apelh!!!serves me right kn???
don't know,,ape yg skola nie da jampi aq,,kn!!
but,,seriously,,frekin miss diz place like heaven!!!

missing my best buddy ever,,till de red line,,,kind will loss my life if i'am losing them too!!
aida marissa~tmpt aq luahkn ape jek,,from prob about family,,friends n love too!!
n,,missing damn much 2wards all my buddy ever!!!!huwaaaa!!!!:'(

Monday, January 10, 2011

Failure Innovation


kte kwn lagk ke??
persoaln tu yg sllu ad dlm fkirn aq skrg nie!!

yess,,i do missing u right now my dearest friend!!n now,,i know that i will be missing u!!
why diz all happen 2 me??knpe??fine!!!aq silap!!!
sume nie sbb aq kte jadk mcm nie!!!arghhh!!!!do not know how 2 think it again!!

juz new in hear!!,3

okay,,so,,nk start pe ek??haha,,sllu 2les kat diary jek,,then ,,tetibr jek gatai nk wat blog..